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Routine maintenance programs which have low nitrogen boilers both in thermal power generation, industrial or domestic heating, low nitrogen boiler in this field are the role should not be underestimated. Quality low nitrogen boiler is not only safe, low emissions, but also has ultra-high thermal efficiency, each winter home heating good helper. Many people wonder how routine maintenance of the boiler were low nitrogen, the following is a simple solution to this problem: a periodic inspection device under normal load conditions, the boiler is running low nitrogen generated noise and exhaust gas temperature are small, low, users may use this as a basis for screening, detection of boiler operating conditions. Many devices after a long continuous operation, the situation will have efficacy as before, the reason is simply too large load carrying device sake. The face of such a situation, the user needs to use the time strictly controlled within a reasonable range, or see through the current stable situation, if you need to stabilize timely maintenance shutdown in order to reduce boiler load. Second, the use of reasonable method of cleaning a boiler in addition to the regular inspections load condition, for the protection of low nitrogen boiler has a longer life, need to be cleaned regularly, in particular using a reasonable method. First, the alkali agent may be used for a long time into the boiler to boil; Second, the acid liquid can be configured to use cleaning; Third mechanical cleaning may also be used. If after this three methods with the use of the development cycle, but also to achieve a better effect of decontamination detergent. Third, the maintenance of good water quality management observant user will make the boiler from outside to inside, and therefore, the maintenance of low nitrogen boiler burner correspondingly inevitably go to the water contained in the management of the furnace from the examination. If the boiler water concentration is too high, it will lead to false water level phenomenon, resulting in the boiler does not work. Therefore, users need to strengthen water quality management, so that preventive measures, so it is more conducive to long-term maintenance of low nitrogen boiler. That is, for the above-mentioned types of Low - NOx boiler routine maintenance, quality worthy of preferential treatment by the boiler equivalent, thus requiring the user with care in daily life, proper management, its maintenance work to be the best. At the same time, it is also where to buy quality low nitrogen boiler troubled customer, I propose to resolve by asking the store or access to low nitrogen boiler sales ranking, etc.

What is the specific role of each boiler body and its parts: the boiler, they relate to specific aspects, as well as intellectual content it contains, is there a lot, so you want to understand and master all the words, that will take some time and energy, rather than by twenty-three articles can be done. Therefore, this particular aspect of the following, from the boiler, to learn their work in order to advance the learning process of the product. 1. What is the boiler? Whether it is included in the overall structure of the boiler? Boiler, in terms of its simplicity, it is the body portion of the boiler, specifically words, which constitute the main drum and its accessories are, each heating surface, and the header piping, and water system piping and accessories, combustion equipment, air pipe tobacco, and other such frame, and a furnace wall as well as this one. On question two, its answer is yes, that is, the overall structure of the boiler, the boiler body there is this one, in addition, the auxiliary equipment this one, it can be said, the overall structure of the boiler, which is mainly there are two parts, for the boiler and the auxiliary equipment.

Recently, we learned, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province to speed up the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion, gas-fired, Zhangbei County Environmental Protection Agency issued the "Notice on nitrogen oxide gas boiler governance", the transformation of the way around the gas boiler, the transformation of technology formalities to conduct a comprehensive explanation of propaganda, mobilization of Zhangbei above a certain size gas boiler units to actively participate in low-nitrogen transformation.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of work, the EPA developed a grasp of leadership, and a series of regular briefings on the system, arrange for the transformation of real-time tracking progress, personally led by the leaders in charge of the transformation of the construction-site supervision, to solve various problems during installation accelerate the transformation progress of the project. To date, more than 10 tons of steam Zhangbei natural gas boilers have been completed the transformation and detection of nitrogen oxide emissions, emission concentration all the stabilizing reached 30mg / m³ or less, over-done.

To protect the subsequent reconstruction work in depth, Zhangbei County township organization, the relevant units of the county with a comprehensive Mo Pai, gas-fired, gas-fired boilers for each specific model boiler unit, whether used and other basic information has been verified, the establishment improve the work ledger; to ensure that the base number is accurate, targeted work, Zhangbei arrange strengthen docking with the gas company, promptly verify the perfect new gas boiler archives, ensure the follow-up task of transformation clear, exhaustive renovation project. At the same time, combined with the actual development of the Zhangbei gas boiler compliance programs to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive promotion of this work next year.

Steam boiler which is often carried out in the field of industrial safety performance is good industry 3645 kw commercial small horizontal steam boiler and have sufficient thermal energy conversion effect, so it is frequently used in various industrial sectors play a pivotal processing use. Professional steam boiler main save energy and to use thermal energy conversion with steam, thereby reducing the phenomenon of contamination during operation is achieved over the environmental processing, it is therefore often used for use in a number of important industrial fields. The following small series will tell as we analyze several major industrial steam boilers commonly used: first, the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry is also heavily used areas of a large steam boiler making industries in general hospitals and pharmaceuticals need to be using. Hospitals are mostly carried out for various medical machines or ward for effective sterilization with steam, and the pharmaceutical industry in addition to effective sterilization drying can also take advantage of the steam boiler boiling process, due to the high environmental performance of steam boilers and do not have contaminants Therefore emissions to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical. Second, the field of the petrochemical industry, petrochemical industry to be able to achieve high quality oil refining often refined using steam boilers for heating, the oil can be a high temperature in the production process of the train will be reasonably efficient conversion, and uses steam boiler automatic operation function quickly and effectively carry out processing operations on oil, petrochemical processing industry and allow better development in the processing advantages of saving energy and reducing consumption of polluting emissions down. Third, food processing food processing use of the Central Standing Committee to assist in the operation of steam boilers, especially biscuits and bread or meat processing plants often need to use the boiler, can effectively be sterilized drying in food processing through steam boiler or distillation and maturation, so that the effective completion of various food products processing under thermal effect of high temperature steam. In summary, the three major industrial areas is a small series steam boilers everyone tells commonly used, due to the conversion of thermal energy to be mainly steam stability and strong safety, but also makes good service, good after-sale steam boiler in the energy market is especially popular choice in many areas gain favor, more and more and as the optimization of steam boiler technology in the production of continuous improvement also continued popularity of usable area.

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