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The main functional difference component of natural gas and steam 1401 kw water output boiler small fired boilers 1. The raw materials of the boiler combustion products of coal are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and water. Gas-fired steam boiler burner underlying mode, two-pass configuration, the fuel combustion, the boiler operation is stable and take up less space, while the spoiler is inserted smoke tube, smoke slow speed, increase heat transfer, a high thermal efficiency, reducing user fee gas hot water boiler with environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, salient features fully automatic operation, and ease of use. in addition, due to the operation of the economy, government policies to encourage, gas hot water boiler more and more people of all ages. Function gas boiler the ignition system that ignites the mixture of air and fuel, its main components are: the ignition transformer, the ignition electrode, a high voltage electrical cable fire. A more secure electronic ignition system called ignition pulse, is widely used Zhuoyi energy saving gas boiler manufacturers. Which facilitate saving, can simply press a finger, and safe, does not occur due to unexpected accidents occur flame, once the stall state occurs, the control system can close the solenoid valve, off the gas passage. After combustion, sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide and nitrogen oxides are discharged to the atmosphere, environmental pollution, cause harm to humans. The main component of natural gas is CH4, CO2 and H2O mainly produce post-combustion, compared with coal-fired boiler, gas boiler emissions of more environmentally friendly and better able to reduce urban air pollution problems. 2. The most common combustion coal-fired boilers are stratified combustion. This process mainly refers to coal fuel disposed in a larger work surface to complete combustion. Passage means to the coal bunker broken belt, ran into the furnace through the coal feeder, coal use wind; primary embodiment using a gas boiler furnace combustion gas into the main combustion chamber, combustion is completed in the form of flare. Wherein the main advantage of the stream bed combustion mode is reliable and stable, good economy; coal corresponding disadvantage is the need, not flexible. At the same time, the combustion mode is the stratified combustion "firing-sided" and "staged combustion", which is in Rongyifasheng bunker coal bunker bridges. Combustion chamber combustion with high efficiency, clean environment, burning the advantages of automation. At the same time, such a small area of ​​combustion, combustion does not need to be transported, and the combustion gas free of impurities, which boiler life relatively long. Gas boiler can withstand a high thermal load, it is possible to select a smaller furnace space. 3. coal-fired boiler safety relatively safe, small furnace combustion hazard. To be clear Anquancuoshi gas boiler, Rongyifasheng explosion within the explosion limits. The main use of coal-fired boiler stratified combustion, therefore, the need for timely when coal-fired boiler shutdown, even if you stop coal, there is still a lot of fuel in the furnace is not, can continue to burn. Accordingly, the gas pressure rising in the furnace, endanger the safety of the vessel. The main gas-fired boiler using natural gas fuel. When the boiler needs to be stopped in time to run, you can understand, stop the transmission, security is guaranteed. Further, no storage device can effectively reduce transportation costs, space costs. But the most important thing is explosive natural gas to reach the explosive limit, once the fire may occur, endangering the lives and safety of the explosion, while coal-fired boilers do not need to take this into account. 4. vented combustion coal-fired boiler with the blower is run together. Coal is a coal-fired boiler with solid fuel. The particle size of coal and coal combustion own characteristics resulting in a large excess of gas in the furnace during combustion of coal-fired boilers. Further, in addition to leakage of the combustion chamber flue, the coefficient of excess gas can reach 2.0 to 2.4. The main ventilation gas boiler is a slight positive pressure ventilation structure having an internal combustion, the combustion products in combustion operation is mainly discharged from the blower. Boiler primary combustion gas may be a hydrocarbon such as methane gas mixed with air, in which operation of the ventilation exhaust port air ratio only 1.2≤1.3 ~ 1.05, the amount of smoke produced by the boiler is very small, the gas less impurities, while the flue gas emissions are also easier to meet the requirements of national combustion equipment, slag and other dust without increasing the equipment. Gas boiler can not only reduce environmental pollution, and the relatively small investment in equipment, boilers longer life expectancy.

Due to the surge in demand for urban underground pipeline maintenance engineering, Hwashi pipeline urgent need to buy into a hot water 1401 kw water output boiler small fired boilers. Fast boiler remains firmly committed to do the clean, environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent boiler equipment, respond positively to the national green development strategy, which Hwashi pipeline business philosophy coincide. The two sides after making good communication, confirmed that two tons can provide a mobile gas pressure hot water boiler by the fast boiler. WNS series mobile gas pressure hot water boiler this boiler to provide quick power of ingenuity to create a fast boiler, while both the clean and efficient environmental protection and safety features, under the premise of a breakthrough thermal efficiency of 98%, smoke temperature below 90 ℃, suitable for use in urban areas.

Depending on the operating characteristics of electric steam 1401 kw water output boiler small fired boilerss, mainly to properly regulate the drum and induced draft fan. The chamber negative pressure is guaranteed ± (5-10) premise mm water column (water column ≈9.8Pa 1mm) to minimize the amount of the wind, to extend the residence time of the flue gas temperature in the furnace, reduce exhaust gas temperature.

First, the design principle WNS type 1401 kw water output boiler small fired boilers and a gas main features. 1, WNS type boiler design principle and structure: WNS is a wet back boiler shell three-pass horizontal fire tube boiler, this structure uses three return, the oil mixed with air or gas well through the atomizing burner, in the complete combustion furnace in a corrugated, folded from the rear chamber into the first tobacco smoke return tube, to a second smoke box to the front return pipe tobacco, tobacco after entering the last tank, is discharged from the chimney. It has strong adaptability to different fuels, combustion of heavy oil, light oil, natural gas, city gas. Low power consumption, load regulation ratio. Boiler automatic control, adaptability of the burner. Using imported burner, reliable performance, high degree of automation. 2, the main features of the WNS type boiler: High (1) combustion efficiency, safe and stable, space-saving, fuel-saving, low investment costs to buy fuel; (2) full-pull edge butt welds, boiler safety, long life, maintenance costs low. (3) there is arranged a tail flue gas condensation recovery, can effectively control the exhaust gas temperature, high thermal efficiency of the boiler; (4) with automatic burner, water continuous electric adjustment, high combustion efficiency. (5) The quick configuration, the entire boiler design on the steel strong base, easy installation and transportation, saving the boiler room floor space area. Two, SZS type gas boiler structure and characteristics: SZS longitudinal type double drum "D" type arrangement quick water boiler. It consists of upper and lower drum, membrane wall, the convection tubes, condensers, and economizer, disposed in the front wall of the burner, the combustion of the fuel in the furnace, flue gas convection bank, an economizer and a condenser into the chimney. The main features are: (1) The double boiler drum "D" type arrangement, compact, small footprint, good flame fullness. (2) the boiler supporting mode can be free to expand upwards. (3) furnace wall and membrane in all convection pass wall structure, good sealing and maintenance work and reduce the use of refractory bricks. (4) The quick boiler structure can effectively shorten the installation cycle. (5) arranged economizer tail, can effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature, high thermal efficiency of the boiler. (6) The whole boiler steel seat strong base, easy transportation and installation. (7) having a heating surface surplus, soda and a sufficiently large space to ensure stable boiler parameters. (8) with automatic burner, combustion efficiency and an ignition control program and overpressure, flame protection. Third, the application type WNS and SZS boiler used in Example 15 t: In addition to evaporation, working pressure, as the fuel is used, the two contrast, WNS size slightly smaller type gas boiler, small footprint, from a cost perspective, slightly lower than SZS type gas boiler, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is almost the same, but their difference only lies between 1 t -20 t tonnage, the conventional WNS type gas boiler, and SZS-type gas-fired boiler more than 4 tons -60 tons, even to 90 tons.

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