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Third, you can choose the modular design of the boiler

At present some of the more high-quality industrial boilers have been able to run a modular structure, the structure of the boiler, it can also run independently can be freely combined to run for users, more flexible and convenient to use, in terms of maintenance and repair, also more convenient, not only greatly improve the utilization of industrial boiler system also greatly reduces the costs.

Extend the life of the boiler shutdown maintenance (auxiliary boiler) after the end of the heating period, the heating boiler has shutdown of more than six months a year, stop running such a long period in the boiler, if the units do not pay attention to maintenance of the boiler, establish and improve various rules and regulations do not or do not take proper care measures, it can easily cause corrosion in the boiler, the life of the boiler and therefore will reduce the economic efficiency of enterprises will also be seriously affected. So strengthen the maintenance work during the shutdown of the boiler, it is of great significance. 1. Grate: Grate pad wear Check the boiler fouling cleared up the middle slot, if necessary, replace the grate. Grate front axle oil level check, timely lubrication. Check whether the switch lever grate Flexible damper sides. Start fan running for 20 minutes, to grate fouling purge. 2. reducer: the oil discharge portion open vent hole, where the oil quality was observed. The need to replace all the oil inside the gear if necessary. 3. blowers: Open inspection hole fan, check the fan wear, if worn on the need to re-adjust the fan balancing. Fouling bottom clean-up fan housing. Check the oil level air quality timely replacement of oil, add oil. Pairs of primers were cleaning the bottom of the blower housing. 4. Cleaner: to take over the slag discharging ditch water submersible pump, a chain wear Cleaner inspection, replacement of the flap chain if necessary. Check the Cleaner head bearing box oil level, add oil in a timely manner. 5. Dust: Internal precipitator for dedusting treatment. 6. Air Compressor: Check compressor oil, timely oiling. After the dust clean-up is complete, turn on the air compressor to purge the filter to work. 7. Chimney: open the bottom of the chimney, cleanup internal fouling. 8. decontamination: the decontamination out of the water valve closed, open decontamination hand hole, decontamination of sludge within the debris clean up, clean-up after the completion of the closed hand hole, out of the water valve and open the drain valve decontamination for decontamination flushing. After draining off water until the drain valve. 9. Valve: pump room and boiler room on the check valve, leaks, opening and closing is flexible tight.

Pharmaceutical enterprises have huge energy consumption, and the use of high-efficiency and energy-saving boilers is conducive to reducing production costs and saving energy. As a leader in the research and development of clean energy high efficiency industrial boilers, CBM is committed to providing clean and efficient boilers for the pharmaceutical industry and contributing to the sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry.

Inter-regional Pingdingshan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. by the Pingdingshan Shenma Group and two Chinese top 500 enterprises founded by restructuring, cross-industry, cross-ownership and transnational business of large state-owned energy and chemical group, under the People's Government of Henan Province , is the most complete variety of coking coal, thermal coal production base, has Asia's largest chemical production base in nylon. Carefully selected and comparison, fast boiler Pingmei cooperation with party has chosen to provide a 2 tons of steam electric newest design steam boiler agent safety valve (WDR2.0-1.25-II) by a fast side.

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automatic condensing boiler supplier

automatic boiler supplier - Bing - automatic boiler supplier - Bing is a boiler shell type 3 passes wetback oil/gas fired boiler. After fuel is being atomized by burner, flame is full of the wave furnace and transfer heat via furnace wall, this is 1st pass; the high temperature smoke is collected in reversal chamber and then enters 2nd pass

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2018-2-15 · When the pressure within the boiler drops, the valve spring is then stronger than the boiler pressure and pushes the valve down on its seat, which closes the opening, stopping the flow of steam from the boiler. The pressure at which the safety valve will open is determined by adjusting the spring tension with the adjusting nut (C).

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