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Those matters relating to optimal control of low nitrogen central heating hot water boile combustion

Boiler is a kind of energy conversion equipment. Under the condition that other links of power station system have been developed and perfected, boiler combustion system has become the main link of energy saving and saving in coal-fired power station. At present, with the improvement of burner technology, it has been able to adapt to the combustion of all kinds of fuels and loads, but the new requirements of energy saving and emission reduction in electric power enterprises make the combustion of utility boilers not only meet the steady combustion, It also meets the requirements of high efficiency of combustion process and reduction of pollutant emission. Therefore, further optimization of combustion process and operation is needed. Today, we'll take a closer look at it.

Gas-fired low nitrogen central heating hot water boile energy-saving effect of it really good? Now the life of infrastructure, energy performance requirements for safety are very high. Gas boiler product range contains rich and varied, such as gas water, gas boilers, hot water boilers, gas steam boiler and so on. It can provide different or heat is the best way of heating, bath according to usage requirements. As a new gas equipment, work efficiency can offer, work to the highest industry standards. Currently in the field of the overall market to fully use gas heating measures, but also can save the appropriate resources are limited.

Recently, the Guangzhou City issued an action "Guangzhou 2018 annual work plan for comprehensive prevention and control of air pollution," the bureau of law enforcement to monitor the detachment on August 28 = 29 organizations launched a special enforcement action against a biomass low nitrogen central heating hot water boile.

The special enforcement action by the municipal and district levels of environmental protection departments jointly launched, deployed Yuexiu, Tianhe, Haizhu, Huangpu, Conghua five district environmental protection law enforcement backbone, with the Guangzhou City Environmental Protection law enforcement inspection detachment composed of 18 cross-law enforcement group, to increase the city all registration to carry out quality checks of 125 biomass boilers in the book, focus on examination of Guangzhou boiler emissions monitoring system in Zengcheng District registered the existence of complex biomass boilers coal or other high-polluting fuels, whether there are special furnace and supporting bag dust removal facilities, whether the normal operation of the boiler control facilities, whether discharge standards as required entry and update Guangzhou boiler emission monitoring system and other issues.

After verification, the registration system by the city list in the boiler has been disabled (off or relocated) boiler station 43, not included in the other eight found regulatory list table 133 actually inspected. Among them, 28 units involving suspected violations accounted for in the boiler problem with the boiler (90 units) ratio of 31%, the problem of coal-fired boilers in complex 2, the resurgence of firewood, 11, allegedly did not apply for environmental protection procedures, waste gas treatment is not installed facility or facilities are not the normal use and other illegal activities 15. For complex high-polluting coal and wood fuel boiler according to law-site seizure and transfer penalties and territorial environmental protection departments to follow up treatment in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 107 of the "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law." The rest were arrested for illegal transfer of territorial environmental protection departments for investigation.

Note that although the problem with the low nitrogen central heating hot water boile with a new iteration generations of the product, its operation also become more and more intelligent operation Henan condensing gas boiler. However, some details of the system is still not resolved, and "boiler man" who, in practice the process of Henan condensing gas boiler must pay attention to these issues in order to avoid damage to the machine, even "boiler room disaster." 1, to ensure ventilation Henan condensing gas boiler 2 has sufficient oxygen gas pipeline leak valve 3, Henan condensing gas boiler furnace to open, after the shutdown, the need to ensure that the main steam valve 4 is closed, the first air supply pipe and the need to ensure points water emptying the cylinder, the valve slowly aspirated, to warm up the pipe to prevent water hammer 5, the initial points on the furnace must be maintained at 20% of the manual state to an automatic state switch 6 is prohibited, Henan condensing gas boiler feed duct the outlet, is strictly prohibited blocked and keep clean the outlet 7, the boiler need to ensure a pressure not less than 0.7mpa8, manually adjust the boiler firing rate, must be adjusted stepwise (at intervals of 10%) 9 boiler when the boiler when the failure occurs, pressure is lower than 0.4MPa, the steam temperature is lower than 150 °, the main steam valve must close again according to the operation procedure from the furnace.

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Note: An expansion tank is not found in steam boiler systems, which create heat by circulating hot vapor rather than hot water through the pipes and radiators. Steam boilers are simpler systems that lack several components found in hot water boiler systemssuch as the circulating pump, expansion tank, and regulators for water pressure and temperature.

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