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Note reform project electric analysis for coal boiler accident renovation project which note electric boiler which? Electric boiler reconstruction project notes and common rehabilitation programs under the influence of reform policies in recent years, coal boiler, electric boiler transformation project will be more, so the process of carrying out the transformation of the electric boiler, it should be noted that on? (1) distribution problems, want to effectively use electric boilers, power distribution issue will be a priority issue, and distribution environment is not in place, there is no way to install electric boiler. (2) the analysis of the actual situation of reform, in the process of transformation in some parts of the original boiler can still use simple, so the use of the process, can simply be retained, both to reduce the difficulty of construction can also save some costs, it is important not affect the safety of the boiler running smoothly. (3) At the same time, the technical staff of the organic integration and use of existing and new elements of the original, is more important, so be sure to have a clear understanding of the actual situation at the scene, prompting the entire electric boilers after the transformation operation coordination. No matter how they talk, renovation work must be combined with the actual situation, a clear location, and reasonable reform, promote the transformation of the smooth operation of the boiler.

(3) air preheater. Located in the analysis for coal boiler accident backpass, whose role is to use waste heat of flue gas to heat the fuel required for the combustion air, exhaust gas temperature can be further reduced not only, but also for strengthening the furnace combustion, improve the economy of combustion, pulverized coal drying and conveying is advantageous of. Boiler efficiency can be increased by 2%. And rotary two kinds of charge.

Impact of vertical steam analysis for coal boiler accident efficiency is basically a bunch of the root causes of the country are carrying out high-profile coal to natural gas national movement, using the vertical steam boiler, very large cuts infected micro particles, toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides same time smoke has also been suppressed. Vertical steam boiler efficiency is a measure of critical standards, common look behind a pile of roots of the impact of vertical steam boiler efficiency. After investigation authorities, vertical steam boiler heat loss is probably due to include these two: undesirable heat loss and flue gas emissions than adequate combustion air. Emission reduction in heat loss can be retrofitted aft vertical steam boiler exhaust heat recirculation installation, or use more advanced types of condensing boiler. Combustion air is not sufficiently analyze the problem over the ratio: generally vertical steam boiler burner ejector, causing the air-fuel ratio can not maneuver scheduling. Lot of non-vertical steam boiler with automatic blower burner, leading to undesirable air-fuel ratio has the following several roots: air-fuel ratio does not contain points over about two cases: when oxygen is in excess, the excess cold air will have unlimited the effect of heat, resulting in increased operating costs vertical steam boiler, low vertical steam boiler efficiency; when oxygen is insufficient, will have insufficient incineration conditions, to produce low vertical steam boiler efficiency.

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2020-5-14 · The boiler body is cracked at the inner and outer sides of the coal injection door ring (welded to the furnace galley and the shell). The crack is ring-shaped, the outer length is about 20cm, and the inner crack length is about 30cm. . There is no fixing bolt for the boiler base involved. The furnace cover is missing from the coal door ring.

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Boiler damage can run from severe buckling and deforming of the boiler to complete meltdown or potential boiler explosions. Another type of boiler accident and the most lethal is excessive pressure. These accidents occur when the boiler can no longer contain

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