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About 1 boiler heating plumbing combustion adjustment, the main task of regulating combustion load at the same time meet the needs of the outside world the amount of steam and qualified steam quality, safety and economy of boiler operation. 2, adjusting the combustion boiler trial planned change certain parameters and tunable control (i.e., fuel supply and air distribution mode embodiment) of combustion conditions and make full adjustment measure certain single index value, and the acquired the results of scientific analysis, were compared in terms of economy, safety aspects, to determine the best way to run the whole operating characteristics and school equipment, such as testing, measuring and analysis work, adjusted for the boiler combustion test. 3, boiler combustion adjustment test of the meaning and purpose boiler combustion adjustment experiment is designed to explore the boiler operating characteristics and laws, and to determine the safety economic operation of boiler fuel in existing equipment and the nature of the conditions by testing. By adjusting the test burn more comprehensive, technical and economic characteristics of the boiler can be obtained under optimum operating modes (including fuel, air, flue gas, and soda working fluid operating parameters and boiler efficiency and auxiliary power indicators), to strengthen power plant technology management, performance control equipment to develop operating procedures, into the combustion automatic control system as well as good economic dispatch of the whole plant to provide evidence. Combustion Tuning Test purpose is to master the technical and economic characteristics of the boiler operation to determine the best way to run the boiler combustion system and various changes in the laws affecting factors, so as to ensure safe and economical operation of the boiler unit.

Why boiler heating plumbing to boil and how to avoid burning fuel amount calculated? To conduct a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the boiler, which is an important task and it is necessary to carry out, because it is the site of important and flagship product, but also a different product categories, so this will have specific requirements. So the following will immediately proceed with the work, to improve everyone's learning efficiency. 1. Why should avoid burning boilers often boil? This is because, if the boiler often burn boil, then inside the boiler will produce large scale, and thus, reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler. If more serious, it will cause the boiler to be burned. Further, the boiler heating surface fouling occurs, then, affect delivery of the combustion heat, so that the furnace and the flue gas temperature, and at a pressure pot, the boiler will bulge, burst pipes and so on. Therefore, to avoid burning boilers often boil to avoid these problems. 2. Thermal efficiency of the boiler if the boiler load related? The thermal efficiency of the boiler, according to its manufacturer block boiler professional and technical personnel, which is obtained a higher value at 85% boiler load, so that, if the boiler load of 10 tons, and the load will be long-standing, it should be used 12 tons around the boiler. And, when the full load for the steam boiler, boiler feed water will increase. 3. What is the thermal power station boiler? Pressure boilers need MOT? Thermal power station boilers, which are popular terms used to generate electricity for power plants and heating boiler. Moreover, this kind of boiler capacity is relatively large, the main unit is generally to 300MW. This pressure boilers A boiler, which is not part of the pressure vessel container ships, there is no need for inspection. 4. How to calculate the amount of fuel required for the boiler? Wants to know the amount of fuel required for the boiler, the boiler is first determining the size and steam production, and calculate the actual heat content of a boiler in accordance with the increment of its steam pressure and the steam production, and then calculate the required heat boiler efficiency according to, or is the heat of the fuel can provide. Through the heat value of fuel, the amount of fuel needed to calculate the boiler, to obtain specific numerical values.

To protect the economic development of enterprises, production safety running smoothly, according to Qingyang County in Anhui Chizhou municipal government air pollution control requirements, coal-fired boiler heating plumbing inspection pull the plug on a regular basis in October 2018.

Qingyang County Market Supervisory Authority for the county a number of companies were visited research to understand the company's current production operating conditions and problems, start from regulatory functions, for enterprise development to provide quality services, reduce business costs.

Special equipment boiler pressure is high risk, than a regular inspection cycle must immediately stop using, but they are also necessary for the production of business equipment, once the shutdown enterprises will face shutdown. Looking at business owners anxious eyes and counties actively discussing with the city center expert special inspection, and according to regulations, to quickly determine a set of effective programs and promptly inform each enterprise.

Through contact with the surrounding counties and cities to understand the relevant units of the boiler fuel change fees and counties take the initiative and boiler companies approached agreed upon with the use of rehabilitation programs, a significant reduction in transformation costs. Up to now, Qingyang County has completed 12 boiler fuel change work, the cumulative cost of more than 60 million.

Gas boiler heating plumbing safe operation of the gas boiler needs to know the content already is the preferred time of each production equipment, it is highly efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly features are widely recognized; gas hot water boiler are hotels, schools, heating stations and other industry plays an indispensable irreplaceable role. Boiler as special equipment, its safe operation is particularly important, how can we ensure safe and stable operation of the gas boiler it? 1, gas boiler properly regulate the operation due to the accident caused by improper operation of the boiler is very common, so it requires the boiler must be run by a professional fireman personnel in accordance with the provisions of strict operating procedures boiler operation. 2, strict management of gas boiler room boiler room is nowhere to put the boiler, furnace room security is directly related to the safe operation of the boiler, boiler room open flame is prohibited, but also equipped with fire fighting equipment, Xianzarenyuan prohibited. 3, to deal with any emergency situation right thing is not a hundred percent safe, if an emergency situation occurs during the operation, we must plan well in advance to predict, such as water, electricity, fuel stops, pressure or inadequate equipment failures and other issues, to We have the ability and can be solved in time. 4, employee security awareness to develop a regular user of boiler safety training to employees, promote employee safety awareness to develop. 5, after the shutdown of scientific maintenance safe operation of the gas boiler maintenance work is very important, boiler maintenance can not only extend the life of the boiler, the safe operation of the boiler has an important role. As long as users in strict accordance with the above five areas, gas steam (hot water) safe and stable operation of the boiler is no longer a problem.

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