oil hot water boiler for poultry houses in Hanoi

Hot water boiler installation instructions for installation and use hot water boiler for poultry houses in hanoi installation and commissioning of boiler pressure hot water boiler in order after the first, depending on the size of the boiler, cast in at 200mm above the ground. A boiler installation should be dry and ventilated room, ease of maintenance, there should be four weeks fuel, the boiler chimney installation shall comply with the requirements; the diameter of the chimney should be small, so as not to increase the exhaust resistance and impact performance of the burner. Stack height not less than 3 m, 1 m higher than the cap housing, the top of a rain hat. Henan fast boiler piping system configuration according to the new construction needs may be. Replenishing the tank should have sufficient capacity to control the makeup tank and devices (e.g., float) water level. Diameter of the exhaust pipe can not be arbitrarily reduced in order to avoid vapor pressure furnace. Outfall height of not less than 3 meters, may be introduced into the sewage outlet, sewage outfall any part of the valve shall be provided to ensure that it is connected to the atmosphere. Pipeline system pumps, valves and the like. A reasonable match. The boiler installation, the burner match check, whether the fuel is required to use, the oil (gas) is smooth passage correctly, power is correct, whether the grounding wire connected, if appropriate with the flue conduit and open the drain. Before firing tests, to check whether there is water inside the oven. Adjusting the temperature control of the temperature required. When the temperature reached, the burner will automatically stop. When the temperature is below the set temperature, the burner starts automatically. Check the burner is normal, if not burning, adjustable pump pressure or gas pressure, and flow valves, to be properly secured. Ensure safe operation. Zidongkongzhi means (indoor controller) function and application unit 1 Zidongkongzhi 1:

Recently, the party's fast Heli De H2800 boiler successful Jingdong headquarters procurement project. He Lide H2800 party fast adoption of new environmental protection industry leading combustion technology - premix combustion, fuel and air through precise regulation and control to achieve precise ratio, can ensure complete mixing of gas and air, burning more fully. The new technique Ultraten heat exchange elements - wings pipe, is a unique fast side. A unique built-tearing groove design, compared with ordinary heat transfer tubes, the heat transfer area can be increased 5-fold, greatly enhance the heat transfer rate, to strengthen the central flue of the disturbance, so that heat transfer efficiency is better, more energy efficiency .

The transformation of our country more energy-efficient oil-fired boiler boiler more than ten years ago when coal-fired boilers is widespread, as many big cities like London to become a fog; started to improve boiler, which is the traditional coal-fired boilers to improve fuel boilers. So how does the market more than a decade after the oil-fired boiler? Let's six tons of fuel oil boiler as an example. Many boiler plant now do not produce oil-fired boiler, and someone asked why ah? Just one reason, fuel is too expensive, customers are concerned about operating costs are too high, and the boiler plant produced worried about the unwanted, and finally makes us a headache . But with the advancement of our product diversification can not blindly out of old products! Should think of ways to see if I can improve through various efforts, Henan party fast stock finally developed a more energy-efficient oil-fired boilers to improve even more cost-saving program, Here we give you the share: examples of transformation of energy boiler fuel oil boiler economizer installation ①; ② mounted condensing type gas boiler economizer; ③ using condensing heat recovery boiler technology; ④ rear of the boiler heat recovery heat pipe technology; ⑤ using scaling, cleaning technology; ⑥ use of fuel additive technology; ⑦ new fuel; ⑧ using oxy-combustion technology; ⑨ using swirl combustion boiler technology; ⑩ use of air source heat pump water heater replacement techniques so many customers ask this fuel more energy-efficient boilers to improve What is the price? Henan square to welcome you soon share online consultation.

Process describes extinguishing gas steam boiler the fuel gas steam boiler characteristics of fossil fuels, biomass fuels extinguishing mechanism in the extinguishing process, the composition of the reaction products and quenching rate is also very different from the fossil fuels. Biomass boiler categories: biomass boilers Horizontal, vertical biomass boilers. Biomass gas thermal oil heaters, biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler for poultry houses in hanoi, biomass oil furnace. Hot water boiler boiler assembly PC-style controller, all functions are stored on a smart chip, intelligent boiler, digitization, automation, humane, intelligent control of boiler water temperature, water temperature reached the heating automatically stop; large screen fonts display temperature, boiler water temperature at a glance. Gas hot water boiler with environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, salient features fully automatic operation, and ease of use. In addition, due to the operation of the economy, government policies to encourage, gas hot water boiler more and more people of all ages. Extinction characteristic different from the fossil fuels of fossil fuels. Extinguishing process gas steam boiler biomass fuel is divided into two separate phases: volatile precipitation and extinguished, and a gas steam boiler and burn off the coke. The former account for about 10% of the time of the fire, which is about 90%. Specific extinguishing process as follows: After gas steam boiler fuel to the quenching chamber, heating the water and precipitated at high temperature thermal effect. Subsequently, the fuel gas steam boiler because the temperature continues to rise, from about 250 degrees Celsius, thermal synthesis starts, volatile precipitate and form coke. The volatiles were mixed and the temperature of air around the first gas steam boiler is ignited and extinguished. Under normal circumstances, the surrounding coke is volatilized gas steam boiler sub-extinguishing chamber oxygen is difficult to penetrate into the surface of the coke, as long as volatiles to dissipate the end, the temperature in and around the coke gas steam boiler has been very high, oxygen in the air may also be in contact with the exterior of the coke, coke gas steam boiler start off, it does produce ash when.

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